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Realising the state of Pahang as a Developed and Prosperous State Based on Dynamic and Progressive Economy Supported by Productive Sectors by the year 2020.



  • To transform Pahang into a developed state by the year 2020 where the development will focus on agriculture, manufacturing and tourism sectors to optimise the use of natural assets of the State
  • To provide properly implemented infrastructures and basic amenities to support industry development in addition to encouraging Research and Development (R&D) efforts
  • To enhance the planning and development mechanisms to become more integrated and effective in planning and implementing development projects in the State
  • To increase private sector involvement based on entrepreneurial culture for the State's economic growth



  • To ensure at least 85% of the development budget allocation is spent
  • To ensure at least 85% of tourism project allocations are spent
  • To ensure 85% of the decision of the State Executive Council for investment applications are relayed to the investors within 14 working days after minute is received.