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  • Model 3

This model applies to smaller agencies that do not have sufficient technical staff to operate and manage the incidents. For these agencies, the management of ICT security incidents will be handled by MAMPU GCERT and they can continue to report any incidents to MAMPU GCERT.


3.2  Through the Pahang State GCERT Implementation Talks, it was agreed that Model 1 shall be adopted to be implemented in Pahang and representatives from MAMPU also agreed to this selection.

3.3 Model 1 was adopted due to lacking of Information Technology Officer in certain departments such as Pahang Public Works Department, Pahang Department of Agriculture, Pahang Department of Irrigation and Drainage, Pahang Department of Veterinary Services as well as other departments and Statutory Bodies. Monitoring will be performed by the appointed GCERT Agency.

Pahang CERT Membership
Pahang CERT membership are as follows
(a ) CERT Director : ICT Manager - SUB(TM)
( b ) CERT manager: ICT Security Officer Pahang  State  Secretary Office (ICTSO)
( c )  CERT Team Members: 
1 ) Officers from Portal and Training  Section, Information Technology Division,  Pahang  State Secretary Office (Web Admin)
2 )  Officers from Network  and Security Section, Information Technology Division, Pahang State  Secretary  Office (Network Admin)
3 ) Officers from System Development Section, Information Technology Division, Pahang  State Secretary  Office (System and DB Admin)
4 ) Officers from Technical Support Section,  Information Technology Division, Pahang State Secretary  Office (Technical and Backup Admin)
5 ) Representatives from external agencies 
The membership received approval from the Pahang State Secretary.  A list of members and exchanges will be submitted to MAMPU for further action. Meeting reports will be tabled in the State ICT Steering Committee Meeting.
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