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According to the Fourth Edition Kamus Dewan, Innovation means something new is introduced which includes methods, systems, and other custom.

In other words, it leads to methods or to find ways to produce more or better services either through renovations or improvements. It is the brainchild of creative and innovative in any aspect of employment that can improve the quality and productivity of the organization and community life.

These ideas can be obtained from the inside and the outside or through a process of research and development (R&D) as a new idea or adapted to be used according to the needs of the department / agency. These ideas may include alterations in the form of systems and procedures, methods and ways of working or the introduction of technology. Resulting innovations should be able to add value to the current output and lead the transformation to existing practices. In principle, innovation can be produced in the form of products, services, processes and technology.



Civilizing innovation program in the State of Pahang Darul Makmur has started since 2011 when Malaysia Innovation Foundation (YIM) has organized Innovation Trail program, which aims to find ideas and products from the grassroots in order to highlight the product can be shared with outside parties.



Plastic Spinning

Among the products to be found by the YIM and has successfully marketed was plastic spinning which created by Pak Ngah Jais or his real name  Mohd Jais bin Rozali from Kg. Sanggang, Temerloh. The product was created after Pak Ngah Jais think the best method in the production of existing tops made from wood to modern gasing more practical.

The above factors, Pak Ngah Jais introduce plastic spinning which is a form of innovation for successfully producing manufacturing plastic tops to replace wooden tops become scarcer. At the same time the plastic tops safer, stronger and lighter, thus it facilitates to the children to bring to anywhere and unbreakable compared to wood made gasing.

Results invention has been selected as the winner qualifies him 'National Grassroots Innovator Award (Open Category) organized by the YIM and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Council, which was presented during the World Innovation Forum (WIF) Kuala Lumpur on 3-7 November 2012.